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Board to Balance

New skills, for them and for you.

Cultivating a balanced dog is both a skill and a  practice.  At Freedog we offer a two week Board to Balance Program for your dog, resetting his or her behavior and creating good habits. Meanwhile, we'll begin your education at home, teaching you how to be the best dog mentor you can be with instructive videos and ongoing feedback on your dog. 


In the end, we bring it all together to create a whole new dynamic in your home.  


Chuck and Daisy enjoying their new skills and their new relationship.

Here's how it happens! 


Habit Power -We work to calm the static in your dog’s mind by anchoring his activities in “procedure” - repeatable routines that create a sense of stability and order.

Work It - We teach your dog to work mentally and physically, draining her excess energy and creating an opening for more deliberate choices (rather than just reacting).

Follow Me - We teach YOU how to project a leadership identity so your dog will prioritize your direction.

Language Gap - We teach you about how your dog perceives your signals so you can use more effective “language” with your pup.

Moving Forward - We teach you how to follow through on your dog's new habits and provide support for months going forward. That builds your sense of resourcefulness and competence, giving you a better grasp of when you're succeeding and how to grow, cementing real and lasting change for you and your dog.   

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