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"Helen was my amazing, loving, caring, incredible dog walker and sitter this summer while I was temporarily in Austin Texas recovering from a difficult surgery. She and my 8 year-old Springer Spaniel became fast friends and Helen would send me detailed texts with several photos of my girl during their walks daily. She paid exquisite attention to detail, from bowel movements to social interactions and "sniffer" activities. Helen showed a level of caring, empathy, fun and passion for dogs in her care and a work ethic I have rarely seen. She also sat for my pup and two cats at my home during a long weekend trip and she again sent entertaining photos, videos and summaries daily. I've never felt more comfortable leaving my pets with anyone ever! I trust her implicitly. In a nutshell, Helen is priceless. I would have taken her back to Florida with me in a heartbeat if I could have. We miss her very much! If you have the opportunity to work with her, consider it a privilege. Please do yourself a favor by not hesitating to hire her!!"   -- Lu F. 

Churro and Molé

“Helen's greatest strength is her dedication. She is extremely detail oriented and focused on results. She is patient and understanding, but firm when necessary. Helen trains not only your dog but also you to be a better owner. You will have a deeper bond with your animal after Helen's training is complete. I can't recommend her enough!"  -- J.R.  S 

Doggie Diagnosis:  Churro and Molé had excitement issues.  Barking, chaos, pulling on walk, impulse control. 
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"Helen is a miracle worker! I was worried about leaving my foster dog with her, but she had him calm and happy and well behaved the entire stay. She sent me great pictures and updates every day, so that I could enjoy my trip without worrying about him. He’s looking forward to seeing her again!" --  Judith B. 


“Helen's training has given us a new dog! Three weeks ago I was sure we would have to leave him home from the family Thanksgiving celebration, and, with Helen's guidance and patience, we were able to take our boy with us! He was welcomed and admired by all the guests for his calm demeanor. Helen is worth every penny: taking the time to train us along with Coalhouse - who has a LOT of lab/puppy energy - and giving helpful and specific feedback. She always follows up on what we did, and outlines ways to keep moving forward. I would recommend her to anyone who needs guidance with their dog.” - Lisa G.

Doggie Diagnosis: Coalhouse had leash reactivity, impulse control issues, and had a hard time respecting boundaries. 
Gracie & Sophie

"Helen is fantastic. My dogs can be quite finicky and definitely have their behavioral quirks; they're truly their happiest and best selves when staying with Helen. They come home exhausted and content, they definitely get a holiday when my husband and I are out of town. Highly recommended." -- Erin W. 


Embarrassed to go out with my dog, Harry, on account of his constant aggression towards other dogs I often left him at home when I went out. With guilt, I would leave Harry at home only to center my life around attempting to get back in a reasonable time so that he wasn't home alone. Comments from my friends were less than flattering, as I often would center my conversations around my desire to get home. Yet, on walks or in restaurants, Harry was nervous around other dogs, especially larger ones, leading to barking, lunging, and even snapping. I tried a variety of training methods over the years, but nothing worked effectively. I became desperate to find a resolution after I moved to Austin, a very social and dog-friendly city, where my apartment is half the size of other places I lived. I found Helen through an internet search and recommendation, so I requested a consultation...After two sessions she had virtually eliminated Harry's leash aggression! The results were extraordinary, to which she humbly credited Harry. I couldn't have been happier. I engaged her for more training as I would have paid double to have these problems solved. Today, I have the dog that I've always wanted; he goes with me almost every place I do and strangers comment on his good behavior.”  - Josh L.

Harry 2 (1).jpg
Doggie Diagnosis: Harry had leash reactivity and some confusion about his role in the home.

"Helen goes above and beyond in her care for our 4 year old (energetic) springer spaniel, Margie. Over the course of the 2+ years she has worked with Margie 5x/week, her attention to detail, thoughtful follow up reports and photos, and proactive communication has made her a true joy to work with. There is such a strong sense of genuine care towards the dogs in her pack, and we are so lucky to have such a smart, strong, loving person in Margie's life. Thank you, Helen!" -- Katie B. 


“Helen became the Annie Sullivan to my Helen Keller of a pup! He’s a loving and sweet fur baby but when it came to being around anyone other than me, he was trapped in lower brain functions! There had to be a better, happier way for him to live and she helped him find it! Others attempted to work with my dog and gave up or failed. Her never-ending patience, determination, techniques, and care gave my dog a sense of peace that I feared he would never get to experience and I am forever grateful! Thank you Helen for giving my little Jack such an amazing gift of your love and knowledge!” -- Laura W.

Doggie Diagnosis: Jack had severe anxiety issues, some reactivity on leash, a door barking problem, fear of separation.
Sputzy & Abby

Helen is a terrific pet sitter-one in a million really. She sincerely cares for our animals and makes them a priority like we do. She is honest, trustworthy, and caring and the only drawback to her service is that she's super popular so you have to share her with others. -- Gwen D. 


Helen is an incredible dog sitter. Our dog is extremely fearful of new people and warmed up so quickly to her. I never worry when we leave, I know he is well taken care of. She does a great job with our cats and really, truly cares about each of my fur babies. We are so lucky we found her and are sad every time she is booked when we need her! We love Helen and she will always be our go-to sitter! -- Samantha B. 


"Helen has been a dream come true to my lovable pit mix Grace! Not only does she have a soothing and calm presence around my anxious girl, but also carries a confidence that assures me, as well as Grace, that she is a great dog walker and caregiver while I'm away. Helen is an amazing communicator, with easy text updates and photos, I never worry that Grace is not getting the best care possible. I'm so happy our paths have crossed and look forward to keeping Helen on call for future walks and pet sitting." -- Emmy H. 


"I have tried many dog walkers in the past and Helen is by far the best dog walker and caretaker. Her team consistently updates me via text with videos, photos and commentary for each of the walks. Their experience and knowledge of animals far surpass anyone I have worked with.  Personally, I call Helen my very own Dog Whisperer.  After every walk, my dog becomes more grounded and centered.  I can't say enough praises about this company." --Jason Y. 

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"Helen at Freedog is simply incredible. I cannot rave enough about the service she provides. The care and attention to detail she displays with my dog is unlike anything I have previously seen. I even get daily texts, featuring beautiful photographs, explaining where they walked and what my dog enjoyed most about it. They are the highlight of my day knowing that my dog is out and about and in such good hands. She is so amazingly reliable and trustworthy and my dog absolutely loves her. Seriously.. my most heartfelt recommendation. She is just the best." -- Alex W. 


"If I had a quarter for every time I thought about how happy I am we found Helen, I'd be rich! Smart, funny, creative, devoted, reliable and exceptionally patient with our pup are only some of the words that immediately come to mind. The energy and focus she brings to her work are only rivaled by the obvious love she has for our fur baby.  As a helicopter dog-mom, I couldn't be more at ease with her taking the reigns 5 days a week with our little guy.  Do yourself (and your dog) a favor and hire Helen, but not too often because we'd be devastated if she got too busy for us!!!" -- Sally H. 

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