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You're a good owner. You've got a good dog.

So...what's the problem?

My dog's really sweet with me. She just doesn’t like other people, or other dogs. She just goes for them!

I’m so embarrassed. I know people think I’m a horrible owner.

I just don’t have people over anymore.

The walk's SO stressful. I kind of dread taking him out.


What if she hurts someone?  What if she gets hurt?

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About Freedog

Helen's been solving clients' pet care needs for over a decade. From her early days of walking dogs in Brooklyn, she began to notice certain behaviors in her dog clients  connecting to patterns in their human owners.


Eventually she developed a program to help her most determined and proactive clients reshape their dog's behavior.


Taking their dogs from...

  • pulling on the walk

  • dog/human reactivity

  • flipping out when someone's at the door

  • destroying property

  • counter surfing for food

  • jumping on people

  • fence fighting

  • and a lot of generally chaotic behavior being polite, tuned in, happier dogs. 

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