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It's hard to leave your dog with a stranger.  But...maybe you don't have to. 

"Helen goes above and beyond" -- Katie B

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" Helen showed a level of caring, empathy, fun and passion for dogs in her care and a work ethic I have rarely seen." -- Lu F.


"I have tried many dog walkers in the past and Helen is by far the best..." 

--Jason Y

"[Freedog] is fantastic. My dogs can be quite finicky and definitely have their behavioral quirks; they're truly their happiest and best selves when staying with Helen." -- Erin W

"Helen has been a dream come true." -- Emmy H.



Essentially, I guess I am. My name is Helen Merino, and I've been a professional dog handler for over ten years. I first built HeelBklyn, which serviced the BoCoCa, Park Slope, and Brooklyn Heights areas in Brooklyn. Though I was proud of it and grateful for what we built, I longed to have a smaller, private service that prioritized nuanced and personalized care.  Now I've come back home to Austin to create Freedog. 


At Freedog, we believe in really knowing our dogs, taking every unrepeatable relationship to heart as a personal value. We work with a solidarity of purpose with each dog's family to create the best possible life for them.  We also make a point of keeping our style of service radically adaptive, fluid to the unseen needs of each client we take on. It's this holistic ideal that makes Freedog more like a teammate in the care of our client's pets, instead of just a mere service provider. 


I believe we offer something totally unique and extremely meaningful to all the clients who've signed on with us.  If you have any questions or think we might be a good fit, I encourage you to poke around the site a bit, see if we make sense for you. Then reach out to me online, and we'll set up an appointment to talk about your dog. 

Until then, have a beautiful day, and don't forget to be your dog's hero. 

Helen Merino  

Who is Freedog Austin?

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